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2016-09-10 23:37:15 (UTC)

Some plans come together...

and some plan do not...

So, the house I was supposed to show that lady is under contract.
She was disappointed but did not blame me. However, I do wish I
had been ready when she texted me about it..and rode there at that
moment. I do not think she would have liked that house too much.
But I really wanted to meet her. We were both disappointed.

Then today...the other house...we have three offers already and
a couple more coming in the morning. We will be picking one
tomorrow and I will take put that one under contract. WHOA.
I think we can close on the house they are buying and the one
they are selling on the same day. What about that? It may work
out...and if not the same day...close. I knew this would happen.

Then you know...I will be complaining about having no more
listings...just the commercial stuff.

I saw one yesterday I wanted to check out...but I was so tired.
Last night...I waited too long to take that hormone pill and
I did not get any sleep. I was way too concerned about disappointing
that woman....for no reason at all. She was so sweet about it.

But then here I have been all day feeling wore out and worthless.
Have not taken a shower...have not made up the bed...
I am sore all over...feel horrible.

But tonight...I have taken the pill. So, I should get a good
nights sleep and tomorrow we will clarify....things and get that
Offer set up so I can move on to something else.

THis time tomorrow..I will feel better.

I just know it.