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2016-09-10 01:12:16 (UTC)

Childhood: Home/Places you lived

Mood: Tired
Song: Heathens by Twenty one Pilots.
Color: Periwinkle blue.

OMG it's getting to me how the seasons are changing....Gah it's already getting dark so early...ugh!
I like the fall but i love that it stays light so long in the summer... i'm mourning the sun!
It's a rough compromise... Summer and Fall both being my favorite seasons but the transition from one to the other is hard! it's bitter sweet.
Anyways on to the entry i'm going to briefly talk about home and places I've lived.

So in my life time I've lived in seven houses.

2 of which i had to move out of and they were destroyed one when i was about 6 and the other last year.

I've lived in a small town of about 200 people and i've lived in a city of about eighteen thousand, i've lived out in the country where i had room to roam and have adventures.
and i can say they all have there up's and there downs.
I like a small town the best i think but honestly "Home" has nothing to do with the town or the house.
Home is the family i come home to or where my friends are at and so this is a hard one because I've gotten to where i'm not attached to any place, i'm just attached to the people who live there which i guess is a good thing.

But i am going to go through all the houses i've lived in and say what i like best about them.

1. (i was a baby don't remember)

2. It was a red brick house and i liked that it was right across the street from the park and that it had a great yard with peach trees in it and big trees that we had a tire swing in.
this is the house that i have my earliest memories in.

3. When the above house developed a mold problem that was killing us and we had to move we were building a new house but we were living in this really old two story house that i loved for it's size and the fact that to me it just seemed like one big adventure.
but we did't live there long.

4. The new house...i loved it's location, i loved that i ad my own room i loved that we all fit in it and that it seems so.., perfect we were blessed to live there while we did.

5. We moved to the big city or at least it seemed big to me cause i'd only ever lived in a town of 200 people and the new house was a down size but i liked the house because it was a pretty little cozy house that was half rock and it had character.

7. We moved out in the country 22 miles from the closest town... and while most people this would be terrible i didn't mind, the house was once again smaller but we built on and made it work for us.
I liked that we practically re did the whole house and it was all our all our own work and it had our thoughts and our work and our memories all over it.
I liked that it was in the middle of nowhere that at night you could see the stars and during the day i had all the room to roam and go for walks and do what ever i wanted.

8. Where i live now i'm still not quite settled with it has 6 bedrooms and it's what used to be a hotel in the 1940's and it's huge and it's crazy but it's ours and we are slowly making it "ours" but i still can't believe we live here.

That's all.