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2016-09-09 19:57:38 (UTC)

Friday wine-down...

I finally get my hair cut n about an hour at the house I helped
them get. I am looking forward to seeing the house and how she
has turned it into a home...and he even made her a beauty shop

Tonight is Autumn Fest downtown....I have been asked by two already
to show up....but I have been so busy with these clients...and
one more showing tomorrow where I may be getting a cash offer...
on. WHOA! That one will be shared with the boss...if he is feeling
like handling it...since it is right down the road from him...
and a great location for him to get back into the game. He sounds
great on the phone...and I look forward to seeing him in
the morning.

I am exhausted. Been sleeping good. But feel like I need a nap
during the afternoon like a little kid. Aging backwards? guess
that may be expected....

We got that recliner yesterday and they put it in my room.
I slept most of the night in it last night. I love it. I have
needed one...but today...I have been in bed....just like always.

Not sure why...I think I just need to get more organized in here.
They did not have the bed I wanted so we are still looking for
it and a new mattress. I have been going none stop with forms,
calls, people wanting this ... has been something else.
But I can not complain too much....this means I have money
coming my way...right after each I like it.
Just need to get back in the flow of it all...

I am gaining weight...bad.