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2016-09-09 04:30:07 (UTC)

Childhood: Games/Adventures

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So this one is games i liked to play as a kid.

1. I loved playing Cops and Robbers with my siblings we would pair up one brother with one sister and two of us would be cops and two of us would be robbers we would play outside and have the run of the neighborhood and we would put something valuable( usuually a favorite toy, pocket knife fake money ect.) somewhere a pre decided place agreed upon by the four of us
and then we would play the cops job was to guard the Valuables and to capture the Robbers and put them in "Jail" The Robbers Job was to steal the valuables and get to their safe house with out getting caught by the cops.
We had real fake handcuffs(Toys) to use and rope.
Jail for the longest time was the Volley Ball net the cop would hand cuff one persons hand the string the hand cuff through the net and then hand cuff the other person's cad so they were basically stuck to the net and to each other.
But i was still small enough that if i worked hard enough i could slide my hand out of the handcuffs when they were at their tightest.
So i'd eventually pull out of it and make it my mission to snatch the key's from the person that had them to free my brother from the Volley ball net at least that is when I was on the Robbers side of the game :)
These are some of my fondest memories involving all of my siblings at the same time...it was a time where things weren't as complicated at time right before a big move and a big change and thinking about those games warms my heart a little bit and if i could go back to play those games again i would... it was a time of very little to no Cynical attitudes for us in our childhoods.

2. I also loved Hide and Seek for what kid didn't like hide and seek i liked when we had a lot of kids playing and it was just fun, liked no wanting to be "It" and the rus to find somewhere to hide and how as little kids when your hiding with someone you tell secrets and you get to laughing and making noise so that you end up getting found but you don't care because your having so much fun.
(i have played this game all my life.... This is the Game that made it into my adulthood which to most will sound stupid and childish but if you have a large building to yourself and your friends and no one else is there...your going to do some crazy, fun, childish yet amazing things no matter how old you are. 2- 52.
I will still play if the right people ask me for a game.
I think you never get to old to have fun and to act like a kid sometimes, sometimes you need it.

3. Obstacle courses
I loved making up and doing Obstacle courses usually involved not touching the ground...like making it from on side of the swing set to the other with out touching the ground or making it from the door all the way around the room with out touching the ground.
Or at playgrounds with large jungle jims doing different tricks and different things while making it from one side to the other.
Sometimes in the back yard we'd make race- Obstacle courses where you had to shoot so many baskets and run so many laps climb over this under that and such make it to the finish before the person you were racing.

4. Water Games
Everything from water balloons to water guns, to buckets and a water hose we made our fun...
omg a water hose and a trampoline and you were set for a great and fun summer afternoon lol.

5. Scavenger Hunts
We would make them up and then have siblings or friends go on them find the prize before the time was up.
I loved this game.

6. Snow.... Building snow forts to be a protection from snow balls in snow ball fights, building snow men,(My brothers and i once made one that was taller than our house i have pictures... the snow balls were as big as boulders and we needed help stacking them.... hahah.
trying to find ways to sled down our ally... and failing but having fun anyway.

7. Dirt...
SO when my family was once building a house and the construction was going on i remember theses huge piles of Dirt and also these piles of sand and i remember playing king of the mountain on those and having dirt clod fights.
and my brother and i tunneled through the piles of sand and was like literally crawling through it not realizing that if the tunnels had collapsed we would have suffocated and died...well maybe he knew he was in his early teen years...but it didn't stop him lol.
It's crazy how many times as kids that we were doing something and we could have died but we didn't know we were just being kids and having fun.

I think that's all for now though i know there were lots more games i liked to play and lots more "adventures" (Stories) i could tell.
Maybe i'll make an entry on all the way's i could have almost died while doing something that was playing as a kid... haha.

SO thats my question to you what is something you did as a kid that was really dangerous but you didn't realize it until you were older or until your parent or someone saw you and freak out?