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2016-09-08 03:26:08 (UTC)

Childhood: TV shows

Mood: Tired but happy
Song: Silence
Color: Red

I almost forgot that i was supposed to do this entry(see how bad i am a posting every day?) but i got home and was thinking to my self its 9:30 what am i going to do with the rest of my evening before bed?
oh yeah i have an entry to write that i had time to do earlier today but completely forgot about...go me!
haha anyway's I'm actually just happy that i remembered and that i get to do this now cause it's actually again a nice stroll down memory lane.

also i thought i should say that when i say "childhood" i am talking about the ages between 2 and 12 not the teen years and not before 2 years old where you can't properly remember things.
so any of the postings i will be talking about things that i liked between those ages anywhere between those ages.
so with out farther ado i will now tell you the Tv shows that i liked in my childhood in no particular order except the order that i think them up in.

1. Franklin
2. Little Bear
3. PB&J Otter
4. Tail Spin
5. The Mickey mouse Club
6. Zoro(Old black and white it was the best!)
7. Gargoyles
8. Hey Arnold
9. Rugrats
10. Rocket power
11. As Told by Ginger
12. Even Stevens
13. Lizzie Mcguire
14. Scooby doo where are you(1969) (not the new Atrocity's of todya)
15. Phil of the Future
16. Drake and Josh
17. Loony Toons
18. Winnie the Pooh
19. duck tails
20. Goof troop
21. Doug
22. Recess
23. Kim Possible
24. Boy Meets World
25. Family Matters
26. Full House
27. Little House on the Prairie
28. The fresh prince of Bel-Air
29. The Suit life of Zack and Cody
30. Johnny Quest
31. M*A*S*H( not a kids show but i watched from a young age)
32. Smart Guy
33. Sister Sister
34. Aladdin(the Tv series)
35. Timon & Pumba
36. The little Mermaid
37. Pappy Drew it
38. The Magic school bus
39. Dragon Tales
40. Mr. Rogers
41. Reading Rainbow
42. Arthur
43. Out of the Box
44. Bear in the Big blue House
45. The Saddle Club
46. Endurance
47. Pepper Ann
48. Madeline
49. Rolie Polie Olie
50. The Weekenders

So yes those are the majority of the tv shows i watched as a kid and some i still like to this day... AHHH the Nostalgia is alive