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2016-09-07 03:09:14 (UTC)

Childhood: Toy's

Mood: Nostalgic
Song: I found love by Amber Run
Color: Bronze with yellow flecks

Okay so Starting today i am doing a 7 day series on Childhood every day will have a new subject centering in on something that has to do with Childhood.
the first entry will be on Childhood toy's that i loved.
and so lets get into it(also these are in no particular order)

1. Beanie Baby's
(Okay so i was not one of those official beanie baby collectors that kept the tags on them and put them in a safe place like a display shelf....
In fact as a child i made it a fact to de-tag my beanie babys and usually rename them writing the new name on the little white tag at the bottom of them...
I liked best the Cats and the Dogs(but there is a lion and a lizzard that i loved as well) and the first one i got ever was a Dalmatian that i named lucky that now is so old and used and disfigure by love that it is now more of a cream then a whiite color and has had it's head sewed back together... But he's still my favorite.
I think that all adults should have at least on toy like this that they have and keep.)

2. Standard blocks and linking logs
(because well they were awesome.)

3. Lego

4. Marble Maze!
(who remembers marble maze??? AHHH)

5. The Skate board Shannon
(look it up... Millenials )

6. Slinky's

7. YoYo's

8. Barrel of monkey's

9. Perfection

10. Play dough

11. Silly putty

12. Remote control Cars

13. Roller blades

14. Scooters

15. The Easy bake oven.

16. Game boy color

17. Hot Wheels

18. Nerf Guns way back when lol.

19. Elmo and cookie monster doll things.

20. Lissy Baby Dolls.

21. etch a sketch

22. Woody and Buzz light year.

That is my list of some of the toys i loved as a kid... as you can see some of it shows my age to be young(a 90's kid) or some show me to be older like (a 70s kid) i like all of these things from the more modern to the old fashioned they all made up my childhood and they are all amazing lol.

though i do have to say out of all those things the only toys that survived to this day are the beanie baby's the Lissy doll, the game boy and the buzz and woody(the last of which was passed down to Emma.)
What are some of your favorite Childhood toys?
and if any what toy/toys made it to adulthood that you keep somewhere safe?