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2016-09-06 19:19:19 (UTC)

A long way

Mood: Tired but not sleepy
Song: Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin
Color: Copper

So i was on this sight reading through some of the most recent diary entry's of both people that I've read before and follow and those that I've never seen before weather they are newbies or have like 1000 entry's and something i like to do when i see people that i haven't read before specially if they have like more than 100 entry's is i like to read the most current entry and the first entry that person wrote and see what's changed between them...
how the story unfolds.
And with some diary's there are years in between the first and last entry's if they've used the sight that long(like me) and i don't know it's just cool to see the evolution of a person as they age and mature as life takes it's toll and changes us into the people that we are meant to be.
so with doing this looking at several people's first and last entry's (and some in between)
It made me look back on my first entry in this diary and think of my first entry on this sight(which no longer exist see my first entry -_-)
but it made me look back and I've got to say that I've come a long way since August 5th of 2014 when i was 20 and a longer way since July of 2010 when i was 16.
There's been a lot of growing up since both of those dates....
A lot of life has happened the whole growing up and letting the things that happen shape me into a person that i'd want to be.
That's still happening i mean like i say there is always room for improvement and the whole goal is to be a better person than you were yesterday.
And i think i am.
I'm a better person now than i was in July of 2010 and August 2014.

I'm glad that i write here even if some of the entry's are very cringe worthy to look back on... i won't delete them...because it's still me, it's still part of the process and like i like to do if someone wants to look that far back on my entry's they can see how far I've come and likeIi've said before this diary is for me and i like having the record of my life to look back on I've come a long way and I've a long way to go still.
And that is what i say to you, the other diary users you have come a long way...i see that. you've still a long way to go.
Enjoy the journey.