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2016-09-06 19:03:48 (UTC)

Tuesday after Labor Day

Yesterday was my daughters birthday. She turned 43. We did not
plan anything but I spoke to her on the phone....all of us did.

Nothing special yesterday none of us felt like doing much.

However, I did finally get the meds to replace hormones. Been
taking it since Saturday night. Feels like it may be working
a little. Still need more time to see if it helps a lot.

Today, I took the offer to the attorney. I have the home warranty
people calling me this afternoon. The sellers have sent me
all the information about the house that I asked for. I like to
give the buyers all that with phone numbers that they will need
for services and other things in town.

I even include the local pizza places and call to pick up...

My husband got another call to go to a job that he had to
turn down. So he has turned down 75k worth of work this year
because of his eye. OUCH! He said he hopes he can work
next year since he hates turning down work.

I hate it too. I wish he was working out of town so I could
at least keep the yard done. I would pay someone to do it.

Anyway...I am about done for today.

Hope everyone is ok.

Stay strong.