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2016-09-05 00:52:08 (UTC)

Sunday meds

The medication was actually there today. Got both for 20 bucks.
I guess the aggravation of waiting is worth the good price.
I put the patch on tonight...and took the pill. They are both
supposed to work together to help replace my missing hormones.
The closest prescribed kind closest to the bioidentical replacement.

She told me to come back in Nov. so she could evaluate whether it
is working or not. IF not, she will do the swab and go the other
route. A little more expensive...but it is the way Suzanne Somers
does it. I am ok with what I have now...and hope it works.

She gave me a 90 day supply.


The old man rode with me. He wanted to take a ride this afternoon
after we left there. It was nice to get out together.

I have two For Sale by send letters too.

And call......I will be calling them tomorrow.