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2016-09-04 06:21:06 (UTC)

Saturday finishing up

So today, I got to meet both clients again to finalize the offer
with signatures. I got the newest listing in MLS and already
have had several calls to get it shown. The photos are great
and I did not take them...she took them with her phone. Not
sure if I will ever buy another camera.

I was at one location for a couple hours. Back home for an
hour entering information into MLS and our company website.
The another hour at the sellers for their signature and
finalizing what will happen next.

All I have to do now is take the hard copy to attorney office
on Tuesday and make sure they have that date open. Everyone
knows what they are supposed to do.

Feels good not to have to worry too much with someone who is
passed out and not even ready to attend closing...that last
deal I was involved in was a nightmare...

But this one should be smoother if the loan company does not
make it crazy. We shall see. Been a while since I have had
to deal with a loan earlier this year
was a credit union. They are great!

I was only gone a while...posted hours above. By the time I
returned home, I was sore, tired and exhausted. I had to sit
and take a break before I started working with the computer
part of it.

My stomach hurts like hell. My left shoulder feels horrible too.

I feel like shit right now.

Took half of a chill pill.

I know this is bad. It is spreading all over...and I am probably
going to die maybe within the this year..or next.

I hate it.

I want to say I will miss being here..
but dead people my not miss...things.
They are just dead.