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2016-09-04 04:02:00 (UTC)


Mood: Tired
Song: Ease by Troye Sivan
Color: Cream with Blue flecks

Seems that i keep getting writers block or at least i feel like i do but when i actually start writing i can write quite a lot sometimes i don't think this will be one of those time honestly but i still felt i needed to write something.

You ever do that thing where you put something in a safe place so you don't lose it but then you do lose it because you can't remember the safe place you put it in?
Seems like i'm doing that a lot lately... and i need to clean up my room, not because it's all that messy but because in the process of looking for things i have a lot of things just laying around but like between that and the clothes i have everywhere... I'm not ready for anyone to be in this room which i suppose could happen tomorrow if B comes down here to hang out.
I wonder if it will just be her or if she'll bring any of the kids?
idk i'm good either way
I've missed them all.
But that just means either picking up tonight(which i'm not feeling particularly motivated or pick up tomorrow during the time that i would normally be taking a few minutes to chill and have a little quiet time before heading out like every Sunday.
I'll either get a second wind in a few hours like i do late at nigh and do it then or do a quick run through in the morning it doesn't really matter nor is it that interesting to write about.

Like The song i'm listening to i absolutely love, love love it!

"Take me back to the basics and the simple life, tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease, Your touch my comfort and my lullaby holding on tight, sleeping at night"

I can't say that i know exactly what he feels but i know what it's like to feel completely alone and to be away from home and also to just be in a place where it seems like everyone is against you and that your in a place that your not taking care of yourself the way you should and that there's no one you love around you that is taking care of you either.
so i get just wanting to have a moment with someone you love and to just feel safe and at ease in your home where you should be safe.
so i'm going to list some things that make me feel at ease.

1. Knowing that everyone is home safe where they should be.
2. Music that is soothing.
3. Someone to just sit and talk with me in the dark.
4. When someone Rubs my back.
5. Sitting in companionable silence.
6. When someone makes me laugh and distracts me from my worries for a little while,
7. When someone plays with my hair.

What puts you at ease?