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2016-09-01 14:54:46 (UTC)

Feeling worse so far

I was delighted to meet the new doctor and get the suggested
hormonal replacement from her...and all the time she spent
with me talking and making sure she was up to date and new
me well.

Last night, my lower stomach area felt like shooting pain not
just in one area. This morning, I am still sore and that one
place I was concerned about is sore too. I feel like shit.

I am still showing property and trying to do business. So far
I have been very lucky to be working with clients who actually
do what they say they are going to do....making it easier for
me with less stress. I really appreciate that right now.

I feel so damn bad this morning. I took a shower, put clean
sheets on the I would not feel like a 98 yr old...
but fresher. I am in bed today. The pain is unbelievable.

I feel like I may be in serious trouble. I honestly do not
feel that waiting till Dec for that second colonoscopy is a
good idea....and I do not know if I will last that long.

I think now...I will start trying to determine who would be
a good person to respect appreciate my Washburn acoustic electric
that I love so much...right now, I am leaning toward April...
that girl is so talented and beautiful and would look real
good playing it. She would actually get up in front of people
on a stage in front of a TV play it. If things
start going south...I may just take it to her and explain...
why I choose her to have it. She deserves something good
happening to her...

If I die before the election, after Trump's speech last night
and meeting with the President of Mexico...I think we will be
in very good hands with him in office and I am feeling more
optimistic that he can win this election. We really need
someone in office that will bring hope to our country...
instead of someone who is causing so many couple to decide
that they will not have children for the reason they do
not want to bring kids into this world. It is that bad.

My daughter texted me asking about my appointment with the
colon doctor which was supposed to be yesterday. I did not
go back to him...instead I went to the other one who is going
to be in touch with him....and I filled her in. Or updated her.

If she called me once and a while, she would know what was going
on...but she doesn't.
I told her I had a friend with me yesterday who sat there
while the doctor talked to me for 1 and a half hours...before
the actual exam.

I understand she is working now and has three kids. But it
does not take too long to pick up the phone. As much as I
have paid on her phone bills over the past few years...
you would think........