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2016-08-31 22:59:30 (UTC)

After this doctor appointment

Finally a real doctor! This lady knew what she was doing.
She called me in the closest thing to bioidentical hormone way of a patch..and a pill of too to take at
night. I see her again in 3 months to see how it is working.
At that time if it needs to be changed up, she will do a
swab of my mouth to get the correct compound and have it made.

As far as the bladder control, she is sending to CMC to have
some testing done on it hopefully to reveal what the problem
is. She said this is too bad to be just hormonal. She also
said that the pain in my left from that area most
likely too.

She talked to me for an hour and a half. I swear...I have never
talked that long to a doctor or felt so well taken care of.
My friend went in there with me...and she helped me remember
to ask things that we had discussed. She said she would go
with me to get that test done....and she made an appointment
to go see this same doctor in the middle of the month.

SO, we are both getting taken care of.....hopefully soon.

She did an exam on me too. OMG...did not hurt too bad But
later in the day, my stomach has shooting paid here and there...

I am very concerned about my health.