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2016-08-30 19:53:25 (UTC)

Get up and moving today

As I was driving up the road to run an errand today, I noticed that
I was in no pain...nothing was aching, not my legs, my feet, nothing.
I felt so blessed to enjoy a moment where pain was not inside my
body. It was a blessed feeling. Getting older, people do not
realize how fast our bodies get old and frail, but they do guys.
They do. Yes.

I went to the bank then walked around in Big Lots looking at
mattresses and Chairs for my room. He still has not gone to
pick up the ones I picked out. So, I am still looking just in
case I see something cheaper.

I kept thinking today about that young man who wants me to help
him sell his mom's property. He let me know today that he has
chosen me to do this for him. I let him know too that I was
thinking of him and his family and remembering some of the kind
things his mother said to me so many years ago.

I talked to my husband about it before leaving today. When my
son was in elementary school, it was that time where I had not
been with my current husband long and his daughters and his
sister all were rejecting the idea of us being together. It
was a hard time for me since rejection reminded me so much
of my parents abandoning their responsibilities causing me
to be raised as a ward of this state. I was a mess. So, my
son was having problems at school. The teachers were saying
one thing, then something else, it was always because we did
not have a computer, or I did not have him on medication...
although, I had taken him to the doctor, specialist who all
said, he was fine.....I felt beat down.

Then, this little guys mom started asking for my son to come to
her house to spend time playing with her two children. She always
said nice things, kind things about him, his behavior and how
good I was raising him. Those kind words lifted me up back
then. I was happy to hear them..and never forgot.

I am honored to be able to help him in this difficult time.

I am especially grateful to be chosen since about 50 or so
other realtors were posting all types of things and other people
suggesting them too. I only posted my website and put my
phone number and sent him a message. He remember me and my
son from his childhood.

The house I have listed up the road is repaired now. The owner
is going by to see it today to be sure. I Will be showing it
again to the family that wanted it. If they make an offer,
I will have it sold and then I will be trying to sell their
home next once they get the clutter sorted out.

I am on a roll. It will be a while before I start on the guys
mom's place. But she lived in one of the nicest condos in
this town. I can not wait to get inside of it.

I am feeling so blessed today.

Tomorrow my friend and I are going together to see about
Identiacal Hormone replacement and blatter control issues.
Then we gonna do lunch.

The buddy plan.

A girl needs her friends...and remember to say those kind words
to people never know how much it really means
until it helps lift you up. Feels good.

You could save a life.