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2016-08-29 16:58:14 (UTC)

Monday changes

Not even sure where I left off. I have been so busy.

I have clients looking at property and I listed their house too
recently. It will go into MLS next week after they have sorted
out some clutter.

I got a lead in facebook too about a condo in town that the
son of the owner needed help with. He sent me a message after
he realized who I was reminding me that he once placed with
my son when they were young. I remember his mom so well. She
sold Mary Kay, was from California and had this accent that
could not be denied. I loved listening to her talk. She would
say the same thing about me. She past away recently. He
needed some advice about the place and the value. I sent him
what I could find out and made an offer to help sell it for him
when he was ready.

I went to the drug store to pick up the hormonal cream to learn
that it was going to be 387 bucks. I left it there. Laughed
all the way home. NEVER DO THAT.

So today, I talked to my friend who knows more about the bio-identical
hormonal treatment and we found a doctor near her that offers
this. So, I have an appointment Wednesday. She is going with
me. One way or another we are getting this straight.

I found a full size bed with a mattress and a recliner for
my room. We should go pick it up this week. I will stop
laying around in bed all the time....and my bed will be made
up...instead of pillows on top of pillows creating a place
for me and my lap top. Trying to become normal again...
in all kind of ways...