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2016-08-28 06:45:12 (UTC)

Random facts

Mood: Weird, tired, anxious.
Song: 21 guns by Green Day
Color: Light Blue

This is just a list of Random facts...not because i feel like making a list but because my thoughts are jumbled and i'm thinking about a lot of things at once.

1. I love the Rain, everything about it, the smell, the Feel, the look, i love a storm or a light rain, and i don't even mind being out in it in fact i like it, but i hate being wet afterward.

2. I'd like to live in a huge city one day... but only for a short time period just to see what it's like. not all my life cause i'm more of a small town girl myself.

3. I want to go to NYC someday... and stand in the middle of the city surrounded by the traffic and hughe buildings at night and just see it... (is this weird?)
I'd also like to see the city both in the day and at night from the top of one of those huge buildings and See the statue of Liberty.

4. I like a lot of Green day songs but Green day never comes to mind when i talk about my favorite songs and bands and singers.

5. I want to see every state in the US... because they all have their own special beauty and uniqueness about them, i've see what like 16? 17? i'd have to count it up and i don't feel like doing it now.

6. Tomorrow's Sunday and i'm slightly nervous and i should be trying to sleep because it's an early morning but i'm doing this instead.

7. My brothers here because he always ends up here when he needs someone to take care of him because... we are the only people in his life that he can trust completely...which is kind of sad in the heartbreaking sense of the word, i don't want to be in his shoes when i'm his age.

8. I can't see my life past the age of 32... and i'm not trying to be morbid or anything...really it's just ever since i was a kid i couldn't picture my life past the age of 32 which is a very specific age.. and it's weird.

9. I like to read Fan fiction.(DON'T JUDGE ME!) lol :P

10. I Got some amazing pictures today out in the Rain... Gah i'm not one to brag... but i love photography and i'm actually good.
and i'm proud of the pictures i take and i think i could be really really good and it could go somewhere...someday but i don't know how. haha.

11. I've been feeling pretty lonely lately but also finding some peace in it.
I want good friends, i want good times, i want to make memories and laugh and just have a good life where friendship is concerned and i've had... a lot of drama in the area... but also... a lot of good.

12. I think The new movie Nerve is actually really good.(don't judge)
and there are several movies that have come out and will be coming out that i want to see.

13. I like watching Amazing Phil and Dan is not on fire on Youtube They are the main one's I've been watching lately though i actually like a lot of youtubes but i go through phases where i will watch a person then not for a while and then go back and catch up and then.... yeah you get the point, which works great for the Youtubers who don't post often -_-

I think that's all for now i really do have to try and get some sleep.