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2016-08-26 19:52:02 (UTC)


Mood: Happy
Song: Gold forever by the Wanted
Color: Dark pink

The peace that i write about wanting... i'm feeling and have been feeling over a situation for about a week now, a week tomorrow and while everyting else may not be okay... when i think about the situation that has hurt me, that i have cried and stressed and agonized over... all i feel is warm and happy and peaceful and almost giddy and i'm still amazed that i feel the way i do... and i'm just basking it it, in the peace in the positive amazing feeling of letting something go and being okay with it, something that i haven't felt before...
Gah i don't even have the right words to describe this... it's crazy amazing and i hope it lasts, and lasts, and i hope that the future is brighter and that things will work out and i will fully find my place and that we all fulfill our destiny's that God has for us.
FBCG, MSBC, all of us...
Peace is what i wish for all of you.
Peace is what i wish for my family.
Peace is what i wish for my friends.
Peace is what i wish for you reader.

It's possible to forgive after being hurt so badly.
It's possible to start over.
It's possible to make amends.
It's possible to wish well on those who you still don't agree with.
It's possible to be the better man.
It's possible to not live in misery.
It's possible to Be happy.
It's possible to have peace over any given thing and you might not think so all caught up in your own crisis and hurts and complications but breath and keep going...keep going through it and your going to make it out on the other side because this feeling of peace and of freedom in the end makes it worth it... everything might not work out the way you like it to, and you might get hurt, but things always work out the way that they are supposed to...it works out for the good of us.