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2016-08-25 05:33:13 (UTC)

One more good day

I met potential buyers at my listing near here this evening.
They really liked the house and the area. But they have a house
to sell before feeling comfortable putting it on the market.

So, I discussed meeting them this weekend to list their house..
and by then, the work on my listing will be complete. So, we
can touch base about it. By then I will have spoken to
the sellers to see how they feel about accepting an offer
contingent on the buyer selling their house.

I really enjoyed this couple and the little boy. They would
fit right in there. Plus this will be another deal where
I try to work it out so both closings happen on the same day.

If they are serious. I do not even get excited anymore until
I hear from them again. I felt a little better. I called the doctor who did
the va j j exam and asked about the bloodwork and hormone replacement.
They finally called me back. Blood work was good. She Called it in.

So, today I went for ride looking at beds and bedroom sets.
Tomorrow...I go downtown to get more blood work...then I will go
with ny husband to try to find a bed and new mattress. I finally
just told him it was time to do this. He was ok with it.

No fuss or nothing.