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2016-08-23 23:39:05 (UTC)

Dumb Quote

Mood: Irritated
Song: Africa by Toto
Color: Bronze and Green

I saw this quote a bit ago and it made me sad and a bit irritated that people would look at it and like it and live by it really believe in it ect.
I love good quotes i've done entry's on some of my favorites so it's not like i don't like a quick quote that i can relate to lol.
But this one i find completely ridicules! here it is:

"what's the worst thing I've stolen? Probably little pieces of other people's lives, where i've wasted their time or hurt them in some way that's the worst thing you can steal the time of other people you just can't get that back"

Now i disagree with this completely.
i get what it's attempting to say...that if you are out to hurt someone you shouldn't get close to them just to hurt them in the end.
But i think that even the people that hurt us have a purpose in our lives and the time that they spend with us isn't stolen or wasted time even those experiences mold us and teach us and help us grow into the people that we are meant to be, the same way that all the positive people and positive experiences teach us and help us grow into the people that we are meant to be.
I have many, many people more than i'd like to admit that i no longer have contact with, i am no longer in their life and they are no longer in mine and we don't see each other and we don't talk because one or the other and often times both of us in a particular situation got hurt.
But that doesn't mean that all the time that i spent with that person was wrong or wasted and it didn't mean anything... that's stupid because of course it meant something.
Some of these people meant the world to me and i have memories and childhood and lived life with them through up's and downs and that isn't discounted because things didn't end well or we drifted apart...
that's life, we grow and we change.
But even the people that have hurt me deeply i would never look back at them and think that i wasted my time with them, and i'd hope they'd never think that way about me.
I loved them, I laughed with them, i cried with them, I fought with them, i made up with them, i grieved with them and felt joy with them i felt scared with them and i hoped and planned with them and that never goes away... like life that was lived never changes who you were in that phase of life never changes and you and those people you were with they were never and could never be a waste of time...it's those things that made you who you are.
The people who ended up hurting me and disappointing me were not a wast of my time and they stole none of my time from me because any time, thought, energy, love, hope, prayer, money ect. that i gave them was my choice to give and there for like i said never a waste nothing stolen but something that i gave of myself willingly because they were worth it.And it is the same and even more to those who were good friends and good people to me who were and are positive in my life, they steal nothing that i wouldn't give to them for free.

I think that something that people don't realize about me even people who are close... they don't realize that i never give up on people that i care and that not much could ever make me stop and that there's not much i wouldn't give them if they asked.
but people including myself are to afraid to look vulnerable so they never ask for the things they truly need, Forgiveness, acceptance, love, peace, accountability, Loyalty, Trust.
i mean when you become friends with someone do you ever ask them about these things in the beginning? no because you don't want to sound needy or crazy or something which is crazy in it's self because we are all people and we all need these things it's how we are made.
I don't like the idea that we have no a days were it's okay to just discount and forget about people just because of circumstances that is stupid.
We all learn from ever person we ever encounter sometimes that lesson is easy and some times it's not, and sometimes that lesson hurts you and sometimes it shows you that there is still good in the world...and we need both types to grow and live and be.
I don't discount the impact that certain people had on my life i don't disagree that many pieces of me are just the product of you and everyone i see, i think that that is the way it's supposed to be.