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2016-08-22 13:47:41 (UTC)

Called Doctor today

Well, I finally did what he has been saying to do. I called them
and left a message for his nurse. I told about the pain and how long
it had been present. Their message indicated they should call back
within 24 hours. Hopefully soon.

Until then, I am gonna go ahead and put myself on a light liquid
diet just in case I need too. If they want me to come in for another
probe of the butt, I will at least have that part under way.

But I know something has to be done. This is something serious.
Cancer is not something to mess with or put off.

I am a cancer survivor already, but not sure if I am strong
enough to handle this. But I will try.

I know my husband and my son will be worried and if I were to
kick the bucket, they would be so devastated. I can not really
think of any other people who would be any more than relieved.

I was in a lot of pain this morning, but not as bad as yesterday.

I still have not heard back from the lab from a couple weeks
ago...I am beginning to think that outfit, although closer
to me is a bunch of idiots.

That damn doctor hurt me...I guess she was trying to push my
VIGNIA up as I had mentioned a friend of mine had done. I do
not think she had ever tried that before. She hurt me.

But that is not what caused this...this was going on before

Anyway...I am trying to deal with all this.

It is not easy.


They wanted me to come in today but I could not get there
at the time they offered. I live an hour away so they
made an appointment for me for next week. I have to
wait until middle of next week. Lord.

Anyway...I also talked to my daughter...I needed to ask her
about some real estate stuff. She called me back during her
lunch break. She started a new job today. 40 hours a week
plus over time. She will no longer be driving a school bus.

That was good to hear. I filled her in on what is going on
and she told me she would call me later too.

So...I wait.