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2016-08-21 22:10:07 (UTC)

Going downhill fast guys...

I am sick. I know it. I feel it.
I am in some pain in my lower stomach. It hurt so bad this
morning I could barely walk when I woke up. When I had a
bowel movement, it eased up some. But it still hurts. Been
hurting since the colonoscopy.

My chest is full of congestion although I do not have the
flu, fever or a cold. I took the medication they gave me
in Dec. when I went to the doctor about it. guess you just
used to it..I realized when I saw how old that medication
was how long I have been experiencing this. Now my chest hurt

He told me to call the place where the colonoscopy was done
in the morning and fill them in. They will probably want me
to go to the family doctor down town which I dread. None of
them are real doctors...just assistance.

My daughter is giving me the cold shoulder again. I sent her
a lead for a listing but she has not responded. I can not
count on her.

Hell, she must hate me.

It sure seems that way. My heart is broken. That I know for sure.