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2016-08-20 06:48:21 (UTC)

Imaginary dinner party

Mood: Intrigued
Song: Demons by Imagine dragons
Color: Bright yellow with flicks of orange.

Your having the worlds biggest a dinner party and you can invite 25 people dead or alive, famous or not, fiction or real, ect who do you invite?
only limit to this is it can only be 25 it doesn't have to be a "person"
(fiction, vampires, Mermaids, dragons ect)

1. My Brother Levi (so i can hug him)
2. C.S. Lewis(so we can talk about his books)
3. Lorelei Gilmore(so we can laugh and be sarcastic together)
4. Remus Lupin.(So he can teach me magic)
5. Peter Parker (because he's spider man and amazing)
6. Troye Sivan(so he can sing to me)
7. Cory Matthews(because he's the kind of friend a friend wants to have)
8. Robert Frost.(so we can discus poetry)
9. The Doctor( so we can time travel and he can tell stories)
10. Damon Salvatore (so i can kiss him)
11. Jo March( because she's like me and an amazing writer)
12. Brandon C.(so that i have great personal friends there)
13. George W. Bush( to discuss life and to thank him)
14. Dan Howell (so that we can talk awkward stories and the meaning of life and become friends)
15. Radar O'reilly( because he's genuine and good)
16. B.( Having personal friends there)
17. Hannah( having personal friends there)
18 . Ronald Reagan( cause he was amazing and i'd like to talk to him)
19. Lucy pevency (because she's loyal and always believes and C.S Lewis would get to meet a character he created.
20. Julia Child.(so that she can teach me cooking)
21. Phil Lester( SO that we can become friends)
22. Tristan( friends there)
23. Tammy(friends)
24. Kamber(friends)
25. Corrie Ten boom(so that we can talk God and faith and life.)

who would you choose and why?

I think i might update this list every year or so and see how it changers...
ah we'll see.