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2016-08-17 04:41:35 (UTC)

11:11 Make a wish

Mood: Fine
Song: The longer i Run by Peter Bradly Adams
Color: light Brown

Did you make a wish?
I didn't, but i usually do if i catch the clock at that time, i know it's stupid but my wishes are the same as prayers and i save the 11:11's for the people i love and wish something good for them.
I've done this since i was a kid.
Do you do anything like this?
It's late but i'm making my wishes now.
I wish that B's dad would get well and that the problem isn't Cancer.
I wish that my own dad would stay well and that he's not discouraged by current circumstances.
I wish H the best out of life and love.
I Wish for lasting friendships and unity among us.
Yeah i think that's all for now.

I'm in a secret group on FB, and we've decided to start this like pen pal thing? where you can send people letters and cards and packages ect. and i think that that's really cool and exciting.
It's a little awkward because i don't know many of them well but i like the idea of sending people things and receiving things.
it's the little things in life that make the most and i like the idea of building relationships with these people and having a community with them.
It's good, it's a very good thing.
and in the end we are the people we surround ourselves with and while i may not have the best luck with friends over all, i think i have been blessed with some really great people who i wouldn't mind if if i was a little bit like them.
I don't know it's just something i'm excited about and it just makes me happy to think about it.

Other than that, in other areas i'm having trouble with trusting or even liking people....
Like when you have a gut feeling about people and then your told that your judging to soon and that you don't even know them and then so you try to get to know them and you let your guard down and then they prove your original gut reaction right and everyone else around you is shocked and your like, shocked for a second and then like, yeah i should have known -_-.
i don't like this.
I don't like that other peoples actions have hurt my family once again.
I don't like that i'm losing faith in human kind around here...
Yes i know the stuff above and then this contradicts each other a little bit(okay alot) but that's life!
your going to have up's and downs and your going to be going through hard things while your going through good things and they can happen at the same time, and you can feel two completely different things at the same time as well.

On another note, i'm thinking about making peace with some people and i want to discuss it with my family(for advice and such)
But i'm thinking about going back into "Enemy" territory again next week, what better time then when there's a revival?
i'm going to have to consider this some more before making a decision but, it's something that's been on my mind since i saw that sign a couple of days ago.
and like i've said in the past no one gets this but me, my family don't understand it, my friends certainly don't and i'm not sure i fully do myself but it's like something i have to do.
at some point weather it's sooner or later.
I want to see, i want to make peace, i don't want to be angry any more and i dont want to be hurt any more and i want to forgive though that will take more time than just doing something next week but it's steps in the right direction right?
here's hoping....