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2016-08-15 23:46:19 (UTC)

Another day

Well, I have stopped the sodas. Have not had one in a while.
No beer either., I am cutting down some and trying to
not eat at night. Have dinner...that is it.

Today I was riding towards Concord to be in that area when my
daughter came there to take check from her latest closing. She
text me when I was up the road a bit to say it was not gonna be
ready till tomorrow.

I turned around and stopped at a Walmart near here..and walked in
there for about 40 minutes. I bought three of their 5 dollar tops.

I lucked up and found some long skirts that I like...I really like
them. The one I wore today has brown, orange, tan...and it is
beautiful. Ticket says it sells for 78 bucks. I paid 14.

I found a blue one that looks looks good too...
and a white one. They fit good too. I had picked some up
before but they have to be rolled down at the top...too long.

These I got at ROSS DRESS and they have great deals. I
got a couple night gowns too that were reg. priced at around
65 bucks...I got all the stuff I bought in there for less
than that. So, today three tops that I can wear with them.

I can NOT wear jeans...or pants right now.
My stomach feels like I been cut inside on left lower
part. If I take a deep breath it hurts like hell.

I think that doctor was tryin to lift my womb or whatever is
down there...and that hurt like hell. She is young. I do
not appreciate being a experiment...but the part she hurt
is not hurting...the part that hurts was already hurting
before the exam.


I weigh 190 pounds. Never been this before.


Feet hurt too. Poor things.