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2016-08-13 05:55:04 (UTC)


Mood: Fine, Its too hot
Song: Break your heart By Taio Cruz
Color: Green

So tonight i drew again for the first time in a while, and it was of a couple kissing(that's not my usual style.)
and while i tink that it's really really a good drawing like, one of the best i think i've ever done, i've only showed it to two people(two close friends) and one said it was good, and the other said that i looked like two spesific people...and then never would tell me who...
Like it started out as Harry and Ginny, and then when i kept messing up on the glasses, i decided to just go another way with it and changed how they looked and the clothes and hair and it evolved into it's own thing.
but because it's a couple kissing with the girl sitting on the guys lap(is's not smutty at all) i don't know that i feel comfortable showing it off which makes me a little sad because like i said it's one of the best drawings i've ever done.

And in other news my parents had car trouble so i had to change back into my clothes(i had on PJ's) and drive almost all the way to town to get them a little bit ago.
After being pushed off the road by that Semi Truck a while back i don't like that place with the hills at night, where he was driving in my lane and i had to take the ditch.
It still makes me nervous and i'm starting if i will ever get past that where i don't slow down and clench the steering wheel when i truck goes by me...

I also keep looking for books to read, find an interesting one vow to start reading it and then just don't cause i don't feel like it which is making my goal of fifty books this year seem impossible....
Gah, and what's worse is i love reading and i know that if i just forced myself to start i'd be hooked and then go through this series in a week flat.
like i always do with books i just fly through them when they are interesting.
All i seem to be reading lately is The Chronicles of Narnia to T and E before Bed and Fanfiction (don't Judge me).

Anyway's i think that's all for tonight.