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2016-08-12 05:49:34 (UTC)

After Doctor appointment

I remembered to let her know everything that I was concerned about.
She is going to get me some hormone replacement cream. But not
until after she gets results from bloodwork.

The exam was brutal. I have a couple of very sore spots up
inside of me. I have never felt that type of pain during
an exam like that. I am concerned too.

Still feel tired...lacking much energy.

But she is checking on things that might be causing it.

She said weight gain is controlled by our diet and exercise.

Sure...I knew that. I also gave up on it too. I do not
have the energy to exercise. I can not stay on my feet long
enough to walk much. I have bad knees. I know about diets.

Talked to the old man about that too when I got home. He is
the one who buys the food and does most of the cooking. He
seems to be concerned about my weight gain too. But, he
continues to bring crap into the house. Sodas...cookies....
and cooks with oil...uses one will lose weight
eating that shit.

I could order nutrusystem but I have no where to store it.

Been there done that. That system works too.

I may order it anyway.

She said the hormone cream may help with the energy...
and other things. Who knows. I won't until she calls
me...and tells me something.

So, tomorrow I pick up the signs for my daughter...

She has a closing Monday...
and is listing two houses...this week.

My listing is having repairs done to the things
that we are getting bad feedback for...

Big Brother was real good the past couple days.
I am addicted.