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2016-08-11 23:43:29 (UTC)

50 positive things

Mood: a little tired a little happy and a little anxious.
Song: Meant to live By switchfoot
Color: Green with silver specks

SO this is a writing prompt from i don't know where, i can look it up later but i don't have a lot of time to get this entry done so i'm just jumping into it, this is a writing prompt where you list fifty things that make you feel good, fifty things that are positive in your life and i'm doing this because it's a simple entry and because i think we need more positivity in our lives and i feel like i've done an entry like this before but i'm to lazy to go look and who cares? it's never bad to look on the bright side and count your blessing and so with out farther ado i give you my list lol.

1. God.
2. My family.
3. My friends.
4. This Diary and the people i've met through it.
5. My penpals.
6. Books.
7. Drawing.
8. Writing.
9. Smiling.
10. Laughing.
11. Personal Jokes.
12. Memories.
13. Hope.
14. poetry.
15. Compliments (giving and receiving them)
16. Imagination.
17. Internet.
18. Air conditioning
19. Freedom.(not all are as blessed/Lucky as we are)
20. Loyalty.
21. Watching a kid play.
22. Pets.
23. Church.
24. Music(all kinds)
25. Summer/Warm weather.
26. Your senses(being able to see, hear, smell, ect. we take it for granted and it's amazing.
27. Your immune system that keep you healthy and well.
28. Your mind.
29. teachers/Mentors (the people that teach/taught you something that you carry with you always no matter how old you are.
30.Nature( the beauty of everything around us that we so often ignore.
31. Photography(i could not live without it)
32. Modern technology.
33. Tradition.
34. Home(both the physical place and the feeling)
35. Love
36. Ice cream.( i hope to get some tonight i've been craving it like crazy!)
37. My Grandparents.
38. Traveling(seeing the world and different cultures)
39. realizing how small you are.
40. Creativity.
41. Makeup(this isn't a big thing and i only wear it like once or twice a week, but i enjoy make up when i wear it and i consider it a positive thing with out being vain.)
42. Old TV shows/Cartoons(way better back then then they are now)
43. being silly.
44. Photographs.
45. Sleep(even though i don't get much of it.)
46. Food. (another thing we all take advantage of)
47. Fun.
48. Crushes and falling for someone
49. Rain!(i love rain)
50. The will to do something real to help change the world for good.