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2016-08-10 21:41:00 (UTC)

What would you do if?

Mood: Good.
Song: American Pie
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What would you do if you woke up one morning and you were invisible?

Well i would people watch which may not sound like a fun thing to do if you got to be invisible but i think it sounds really interesting.
I would watch my family and my friends and maybe even see what they might say about me, the good and the bad.
I'd be interested to know.
I'd also go to a public place, a store, a mall and just people watch there as well and laugh at the weirdness of people when they don't think anyone is looking.
I'm sure i've done a lot of weird things when i thought that no one was looking.

The second thing i would do is i would go up to where my past crushes were and i might be very bold and try to kiss them.
Of course that would scare them to death if an invisible person just walked up and kissed you but that would be half the fun don't you think? the shock and fear.I would have to try really hard not to laugh or say anything.

The third thing i would do... is probably to go slap a couple of people and then just mess with them, open doors, move things, hold things in midair so it looks like they are just floating just genuinely freak them out because they kinda deserve it.
I would video this and make a lot of money....
or even not make money but just have the video for myself.
(does this make me a bad person lol?)
but please tell me that we don't all have people in our lives we'd like to harmlessly get back at for something they did and if you were invisible for a day why not take advantage of it?

I might try to prank some of my family and friends for that matter not to actually scare them or be mean but just to see their reactions to things and make them laugh and be paranoid for a while.

what would you do if you were invisible for a day?