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2016-08-10 17:37:57 (UTC)

Update on a few things...not much though

My daughter finally called last night. She was upbeat about a couple
more listings she has and a buyer. She had sent me copies of
all paperwork.

We discussed a few things. I told her that I ordered her new
FOR SALE signs. They will be in next week. She is going to
let the granddaughters help her with makeup and take a photo
for her post cards...tomorrow.

I told her about a lead I had that I need her to call. If we
get the appointment, we can do it together. I also told
her that there was another one near her coming up that she
can split with the boss.

I kind of want them to do somethings together that require
spending time together. She is gonna help me with my a few
things...that I am just not feeling like it.

We discussed that too.

My stomach is still sore and hurts during part of the day.
After eating and before a bowl movement. Not real bad...
but enough to notice.

I will go to new doctor tomorrow to get pap smear and discuss
hormone replacement and shoving my womb up higher...if that
is what they do. I need something done. I can not function
like this.

It started out...slow...but is a constant flow.
Not fun...not fun at all.

I called he inspector that we use sometimes for our home inspections
to discuss him taking a look at my local listing. Apparently
the floor is buckled a little...and the owner needed a referral.
So, I called him.
It was a treat to talk to him..especially about the boss. Sounds
like he talked to him the same as I did...and we were both
crying with him at times...then it ended up being happy tears
after we knew he was gonna be better. WHOA...that was a good
conversation. I am glad I called him.