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2016-08-03 22:06:38 (UTC)

Sick of listening to stupid people moan

My lord, does it ever stop?

I woke this morning to a message on FB from an old friend
complaining about my support of DT and dislike for HC.

OMG! These people have no memory. She is almost my age.
She should remember them when they were in office before
and all the scandals they have been involved in. Really?

Do I seriously think it is ok for a racist to be our President?

I knew when I read it that there was not much use in wasting my
time trying to educate her. So, I said a few things to prove
the main point of her message. Then I told her that there was
a pull down menu near my name that she can click on and
unfollow me till later. Maybe she should not see my post
if she is so offended. I reminded her that I love her though.

Then, later on in the day, my ignorant friend who is a devil
worshiper or may as well be. She does not believe in GOD.
She believes instead in witchcraft stuff and will dance
naked in the woods around a fire...when she does her ceremonies
to the goodnesses of the woods. She is a freak. No one
likes her where she lives...we have all tried to help her
but she is way past the point of return. She likes to dress
scandously...see through blouses...showing her big boobies..
and right now she is fascinated with this man who is the age
of her son...and she also sees another man who she simply says
she likes to FUCK. She will not talk about anything else...
I have been to see her too times...maybe more when she is
obsessed with one of these men. She does not stop talking
about them the entire time you are there. I mean it takes
over an hour to get to her house too.

I stopped going.

I blocked her ass today.
She can go straight to hell and fuck the devil
which I am positive she would do willingly