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2016-08-02 17:38:29 (UTC)

Shot in the eye....ewwwwwww

I take him in the morning to get his shot in his eye.
OMG the thought of it is creeping me out. Not sure
if it will work or not, but he is almost blind in that
eye. So, he is hoping this helps. Me too.

He had to turn down a job assignment recently that would
have helped us a lot to replenish the money we will use
to get some things done around here.

So, today I got a copy of an Offer to purchase my daughter
is working on. I get copies of all documents that are
faxed to my 800 fax number. Glad she is onto something..

Then I heard from the boss. He finally drove his car today
to the post office. First time to drive. He was upbeat
about a call he got about one of our commercial listings...

Everything is moving right along in my world.

I have pulled something in my lower back and thought
it was ok until today when I screamed in pain after trying
to shake a rug out that is too large to put in my washer.

And my vacuum cleaner will suck it up....I paid so much
for that stupid rug. He came running in here to help me...

and took care of the rug and made me go back to bed.
He brought me two Alieve. I am doing much better now.
I hate being old.

I told him today that once we get this stuff around here
in order...I am going to have to have someone come here
a couple times a month to help me out. I will pay them
myself. I can not clean the floors, tubs bathrooms..and
such needs someone else doing it.

He was ok with it.

We will both be happy when tomorrow is over with.