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2016-08-01 01:28:07 (UTC)

Sunny Sunday

I woke to knowing that I was not blocked in. It felt good.
So, I jumped in the shower and go ready to get out of here
for a while. I rode up the street and by my closest listing.
Then I rode all the way around town to see if I could locate
any new for sale by owners.

Trying not to go to any of the same areas as yesterday, I
lucked up one more time. This time, I was in a high end
area where homes are selling for over 300 grand. There it
was...for sale by owner. I noted the address and phone number
and decided to ride down by the river.

We have a area called River Park where there are some nice homes.
That neighborhood has been a work in progress for years. Today,
I wanted to see how far along the marina was and it was open.
Beside it almost ready to open was a bar and grill...larger size
actually two story with decks upper and lower patio...facing
the docks for boats and river. OMG IMPRESSIVE. Behind it was
in construction the last possible row of condos, townhouse type
that have garages. It was amazing. Never in a while have
I been impressed with this town. They got this right.

I left happy.

Went to downtown Belmont...and at noon it was packed. Cars
on both sides of the road. The JONAS Brothers grandma's place
was open, Friends was open, the steak house and Sammy's all places
are great places to eat, have a cocktail....but no marina...
no river in site.

We are not there yet...but at least we are working with what
we got. I suspect much more coming from our town in the future.

I could not wait to get home. I looked up the tax records,
pulled comps and looked at the one home that was for sale
in that neighborhood. It was listed for 370. WHOA...

and the for sale by owner has one more bedroom...and bath.

So, I called the number. A man answered. I introduced myself
and he and I talked for about 25 minutes. I told him I would
send him a letter to remind him of who I am and drop some
business cards in there for him. He said he had talked to
one guy who seemed interested. And if that falls through
he will call me.

This new technic of calling them and then sending the letter
works much better. Now my letters can be more personal
and thanking them too for taking the time to talk to me.

I am sure he will call.

I am also pretty sure that out of the three I talked too
yesterday..that one will be calling soon. And one will
be calling by the end of year. He said he would.

Feeling ok today.