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2016-07-30 19:16:06 (UTC)

Looking up again..

Well, things have improved some. I rode around yesterday and
saw three new for sale by owners. I called every one of them
today and had good conversations and told them I would be sending
a letter with my card so they will have it when they are ready
to list with me.

Two out of three sounded good. One of them will certainly be calling.
I talked to her a long time...and she promised me she would call.

So, I will have another listing soon.

The one that was shown yesterday complained about the floor...
so I sent owner a text to see if he could have that looked
at so we know what it is, how much the repair might be and
all that. He agreed to do that this week.

I am getting more confident in my conversations with people.

Feel better about all that.

My skin is still messed up but improving. Not getting worse.
I think it was nerves worrying about the boss and his transplant.

Now that he is getting is taking some time for my
body to get the message. I am trying to not get upset about
things...I am still emotional but I have always been. So,
I am just trying to lighten things up...

My appointment yesterday to get a pap smear was a bust. Hell,
the traffic was so bad. They are building the new light rail
system over there....road signs are down...I could not find it.

Did not get upset. Just came back home.

Don't gonna worry with it for now. But I know I will have
to get a new doctor closer to home. It is that simple.

He goes to eye doctor this week to get his first shot in his
eyeball. EWWWWWW....I know. That sound horrible.

But he needs to know if there is hope of it improving...
so he will know if he can ever go back to work again.

I have no appointments scheduled for August. None.

So I can now focus on my business..and getting some more