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2016-07-26 20:55:41 (UTC)

Better day but hot

It was hot yesterday, but much hotter today.

I had to run by on of my listings this afternoon and take
some more photos. I wanted to check out the floor as one
of the brokers commented in their feedback that the floor
needed repaired. I was unsure since I had not noticed it

My husband agreed to go with me this time. It worked out
good since he noticed the buckled floor himself, It was
just in one place, but right in the middle of the hallway
which almost seemed that they put carpet over carpet and
there could be a wad of carpet or maybe that cushion stuff
crammed under it. We will ask about it in a couple days.

The owners son came by while we were there to do weed eating.
It is only about 100 degrees outside. WHOA....he was a
nice guy too. Getting ready to go play ball at whichever
college he chooses. Who could be lucky enough to have a son
like that who also does not mind weed eating for the parents
when it is 100 degrees outside. Whoa...

We rode to Wal Mart. I had only ask him to go to that house
to take a few more photos. He said he would go to Wal Mart
too. So, we seem to be spending a lot more time together in
this new old age part of our lives. I can remember during
our marriage feeling so lonely at times. I guess I like this
much better.

My camera is taking blurry photos and I can not figure it out.

I need to before I get a wild hair up my butt and order
a new one. I will too. I know myself.

Anyway..a better day than yesterday.

I have not threatened anyone's life today.