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2016-07-25 15:25:01 (UTC)

I am upset as hell right now...

That damn bitch that lives behind us has several trucks over there
and one of them is parked in our yard. He is out there trying to
cut grass and it is in the way. Just seeing that damn thing has
got my nerves so upset I am gonna have to take a chill pill.

I texted her to ask the man to move it. I sent a very nice
text...nothing hateful at all.

"could you be so kind to ask the driver of the truck that
is parked behind our storage building to move it so my husband
can get the grass cut"?

I am about ready to go over there with my damn shotgun if I have
to go will be trouble.


She never answered my text at all, and the trucks did not leave
until much later in the afternoon. My husband came back inside
and noticed how upset I was. He said he would wait till around
8pm tonight or in the morning to finish the back yard. He had
the rest done. He talked me down.

I had already called the fence company once again to get
another estimate on a not as nice fence as before. FUCK HER!
I should not have to pay for a fence that cost almost 6k
just to make little miss shithead back there happy...

she does not care about us. Inconsiderate as hell is what she is.

I got an estimate of 1585 for a chain length fence. So, I
called around to get prices and make arrangements for a
surveyor to come. When he and I talked about it again...he
thinks we have enough fence from the fenced in area that we
already have. So, I will get a survey done. He will buy
some post and him and my son can take the fence down and
put it back up at the back.

Then, instead of paying that much for a fence to be installed
I can call the demo guy to level the part of the yard that had the
fence....which was a garden area on one side and a dog pen on
the other. All that needs to be landscaped like he did when
he took out the bushes for us.

So, that is planned.

My husbands company called today...but he did not want to
talk to them until after he learns if the shots in his eye
is gonna work or not. He seemed to think he could have
took an assignment but that appointment is next week. We
need to see of that is going to work. He is hopeful.

So...later we talked about hiring one of my son's friends who
did the painting at his come here and paint the
den...then, I will have home depot to come install some
carpet...we will get a couple recliners and a
I will have somewhere to sleep while we do the same thing
to my room. Until then...from time to time I am goin to
look like I am eat up with flea bites or jigger bites.

I can not wait to get this done...but our plan now is to
hire someone instead of expecting him to do it.

He really did not like that bitch not asking them to move
that truck...she is so inconsiderate. I think she is a bitter
middle age lonely woman...who is probably have her house
sprayed now for fleas....they were over there all day...

But I will try not to allow her to upset me anymore.
I was ready to go over there and beat the living shit
out of her if she said anything I did not like....which
is usually what she does.

She is an upidy girl thinking she is living in the country
club area. Got news for her....this is the country.

MY country.