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2016-07-23 20:11:37 (UTC)

Woke up annoyed...

I have told him that I need a new mattress at least. He is holding
on to the funds and refusing to help me with this. I am sick of
waking up tired...and hell I almost feel like that mattress has
bugs on it. I had bites on my arms..and legs this morning. Although
I have seen nothing. I keep it clean. I do.

But when he finally gets this shit done around here and I am
finally satisfied ( which may never happen ) I plan on hiring
someone to come do the heavy cleaning a couple times a month.
Some one to mop and clean the bathrooms. I can pretty much
do the rest. My son will start smoking outside after all that
work is done. And he will have to start doing his own laundry
or taking it somewhere to have done. Simplifying my life.

Today, I went out to ride down to the church that burned..recently.
It is still standing but there are ropes around to keep people
away. It was sad. I did not bust out crying but I did get a
couple tears. So, I drove to another area.

Then I decided to come home. I have a old friend that will be
riding with me tomorrow to take notes and assist me. We are
going to go eat too. Have not seen her in a while. So, this
will be helpful to me and I am giving her some cash to help her
out. She is waiting on SS to be sent in a couple months...

Seems like all my friends are beginning to draw social security.
LOL We are all old hippy types although we do not smoke pot.
Unfortunately, Pot is way too expensive to smoke. Dang it.

I am ok.

Just tired. My back won't take much of doing starts
to tighten up and I have to slow it down.

Today, I had to resort to taking a muscle relaxer.

Hot as hell outside too.