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2016-07-22 17:39:52 (UTC)

Bi-polar day great and sad too

What in the world....

I logged onto fb for a short check for messages and noticed
someone meaning a fire downtown. The first Baptist church was
on fire. At first it looked like something minor in the attic
maybe. They think lightning struck it. That church just
celebrated 100 years of being in that spot. I remembering
going to weddings there and my family has had funerals there.

It is a beautiful church. Probably one of the most beautiful
thought out floor plan and lovely stained windows...I loved it.

We sat watching a live video from the new chopper that circled
it for a couple hours. It was like being right there. We saw
many people from town showing up...standing together hugging
and holding hands in prayer as we all watched this landmark
burn to the ground. It was a sad day. A very sad day.

I had to cut it off and get ready for my listing appointment.
I had most everything ready. Was charging my camera hoping it
would work correctly this time. I have been having some issues
with it creating blurred photos. I need clear crisp ones.

I got there to find them both there. The house was empty as they
had already bought another one and moved out. This makes scheduling
showing appointments easier. We stood around talking about the
house and their memories for a while walking around taking a good
tour. It was updated more than I had expected. A very neat
and clean house. Lovingly maintained. It was a joy to be there..
and a joy to meet this couple.

I got home and put it in MLS quickly as promised. I was glad
that I took a bunch of photos. Not all were clear. But I
had just enough to get started. I decided to wait till this
morning to put it on my webpage.

I was up early this morning feeling freshly rested with my coffee
in hand. I entered the listing on my website and sent the
slide show as promised to the owner. I also sent them the
MLS listing to review.

We have already had two showings today.

This one will not last long.

I am tired today.

Still feel like shit.

Something is wrong.