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2016-07-21 12:35:46 (UTC)

Better week so far

We rode to his doctor yesterday who sent him to a specialist
right away. We had lunch in between the appointments. This
is one of many recent times we have had lunch while out together
because of his doctor visits. We have been to the IHOP, Lone Star
Steak house, and yesterday we went to Cheddars. OMG it was so
good. We also recently had breakfast here in town at a local place.

It took a while to get in to see that doctor. At least the news
was not as bad as we had expected. We were concerned for sure.
This doctor told him he will be giving him shots in his eye.
SHOTS IN HIS EYE! Just think about that a minute and let it
sink in. HOLY SHIT.

We go back for than in two weeks.

But no special drops or medication. So I was good with that
and did not have to go to pick up anything.

On the way home though, we rode by a for sale by owner and I
took a photo of the sign. We saw one that I just remembered
where it was. As soon as I returned home I prepared letters
and rode to the post office to mail them to these home
owners in hopes of hearing from them to get an appointment.

So, on the way home, I come a different way. I like to do this
since I am always looking for the for sale by owner signs.
Low and behold, there it was. Right there. I pulled in...
it was easy to get the phone number but, I could not figure
out the house number. So, with that I started dialing the
number. He answered and I told him who I was...and we
were discussing his house when we got cut off. So, I
sent him a text. On my way home, he called me back so I
pulled over. We talked a while about how he had it under
contract four times and it fell through. Working with
people who had no realtor, he saw no preapproval letters.
SO, I told him what I could do for him....and all that.
He said he had to talk to his wife and would call me back.

When I got home, no letter to prepare because I had already
talked to him. Later..though, he called back. Said he
was ok with me listing his house and I have an appointment
to go back today at 6pm. HOLY SHIT!

So...this morning....I got up, prepared all the paperwork
and those folders are ready for me to go....

after 9am I am going to call the for sale by owners I sent
letters to yesterday. They will get the letters this
afternoon or tomorrow, but calling them and introducing myself
worked yesterday. So, I am going to go for it again.

Hoping to get some more listings....and signs in yards.
Hell, I may have to order more signs. You never know.

Feeling pretty good.

Oh yeah...the boss called too. He had someone asking about
a house next to one of Charlotte big time country clubs...
and it was listed for $2,100,000.00 Holy shit. Might be
out of the guys price range...but having a buyer like that
would probably pay for his hospital bill or at least put
a big dent in it.

We are blessed.

I can feel it now.