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2016-07-20 03:35:12 (UTC)

Busy day update on lunch and boss

Lunch went well. We met around 1:00 and sat there talking till
around 4 or close to it. I had forgot how lovely and smart this
one is. Lord she is beautiful. Came riding up on her red Harley.
She is a tiny thing too.

We talked about her new life there in my favorite area. I really
like that area. Spent a lot of time there with clients. Everyone
I have met there is as friendly and intelligent as can be. All good

She has a good man now. She is learning from him and it is always
good to learn something from your man. Especially something that
you can use to make money. They take photos for realtors. we
discussed them using a drone too. They are getting some experience
using one. She talked to me about photo shoots and how they
do your hair, makeup, and let you bring several outfits. I liked
all the ideas she gave me. It was a good day.

We talked about playing music and writing songs too. She is
experiencing a writers block. I do not write like she does. She
writes her lyrics on paper then puts music with them mostly. I
do it the other way which is holding the guitar and playing the
music...and start singing the words. I take notes and put
it together all with the words and music. She is interested
in having an outlet to play and write. She had some good ideas.

I did not discuss my health with her. But it sounds good to
have someone say that people like what I have done. She made
me feel good.

I finally got on the road to meet the boss at his house There
was only his truck there and no other cars. I thought he had
left. He probably expected me sooner. I picked up my cell phone
to call was just ringing....and I looked up and he
was standing at the door. OMG

It was so good to see him after this liver transplant. He invited
me into his living room. I got the folder with our licenses and
copy of a contract I needed. We talked about how good he looked
since the last time I saw him...and I can not say how good it
felt to be there with him alive. That was a close call.

He said they gave him 12 hours to live.
24 hours later, he had a new liver.
God loves that man. And we are all very
lucky...blessed to still have him.

I came home during rush hour...but
I managed to find two for sale by owners.
I will prepare letters in the send
before I take him to the doctor.

My stomach hurts tonight.

Still concerned about those cancer cells