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2016-07-19 01:35:16 (UTC)

Emotional week

I am beginning to feel concerned about my health. And my husbands.
Still have not heard from my daughter. Not since she tricked me
into paying her 527 dollar phone bill. I am hurt beyond pain
that she did me that way once again. And pissed off at myself
for being stupid enough to allow it.

I called the boss today to check on him. He did not answer
so I left a message. He never called back. When this happens
I worry that maybe she has done something to him or our company
like she did me. I keep remember the list of the last four
numbers of all those cards that could be used to pay that bill.

Who in the hell has she been getting to do that...and do they
know their card is on file? I told them not to put mine
on file. I did not agree to pay a over 500 dollar a month
phone bill. Hell, I could be paying for a brand new BMW with that
amount not that I would ever do that...nor could I.

Anyway, that situation is very hurtful and causing me great
stress and pain. I know that stress causes illness. I have
heard that recently which I also feel it was fate that I
hear that so I could take care of this and move on.

I will be trying to get to the boss this week to pick up
copies of a contract and our real estate license which, hers
I will have a envelope ready to mail to her. I am not calling
her anymore. I will mail it to her though. I am required.

A girl I know from around here lives there now and I may be
arranging a time to meet her for lunch while I am over there.
I want to take her into helping me located listings..if
she hears anything. Her boyfriend is a photographer....and
they are so good. Both of them. She has recorded a
Doritos commercial before...and she has been in a music
video. Plays guitar....a beautiful girl.

I have not talked to her in a while..and would love to meet
her there. I may get my other friend on the way...some how
they both know one another....small world.


Wednesday my husband goes back to the doctor to get a referral
to someone else about his eye. He feels like he is going blind.
I can not believe he had to wait a he was suppose to be
getting better on its on. Instead it is getting worse.
Hell, he could have eye cancer. That shit will kill you
real fast.

Next week...I go get a pap smear. I will be talking to that
doctor about the recently found cancer she an
be aware and do some blood work.

I feel so bad guys.

I feel so bad.

I am afraid. For both of us.