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2016-07-14 13:47:37 (UTC)

Changed plans for today

I was hoping to go get my mammogram today and then meet one
of my friends for cocktails and a early dinner. But she is
having issues and will not be able to make it.

That is fine. I probably did not need to do all that anyway.

This is the time I need to be careful about spending money
and hang on to as much as I can.

I am glad though to have this over with today. And hoping that
the results are good this year. Last year, not so good....
and with the results of recent colonoscopy I am even more

My stomach is sore. More so after I eat and after I have a
bowel movement. I know you love hearing about that. Sorry.


I will leave a little early today hoping to located some
for sale by owners....

I can not believe how slow things are getting.

I almost believe that the real estate business is going
to remain this slow until after the election.

I am beginning to believe we are screwed no matter which way
it goes.....

But I am sure that all of us are ready for some change....

but not just any change. It looks like we are screwed this
time no matter which way the outcome is.

Last son went to a visitation where a man passed
away who worked with his dad. My son's father was there and
did not even speak to him. I hate that man so much now
I believe I could kill him with my bare hands if I had
the opportunity.

I know we can not pray that someone is in a horrible accident...
and dies....but

ok. I did.