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2016-07-12 22:33:30 (UTC)

Tuesday update

He told me today he did not feel like driving to get his hair
cut today. He explained that his eye is getting worse. His
next appointment about the eye is next week. Hoping he gets
some answers and solutions then.

I address some Real Estate post cards today and took them
to the post office to be mailed. Had to pay for my post office
rent fee. So, I am now caught up on all things due this time
of year. Nothing but MLS will be due until January. I have
all my tax deductions paid up.

Now, I am hoping to get some business. It would be nice to have show the boss we can still make money while he is

The week I get a mammogram.
Next, he goes to see about his eye.
Then the next week, I get that pap smear exam.

After all that...

we are caught up and I can focus on him getting treatment
or something done about his eye.

And getting some business......

We need business.