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2016-07-12 05:18:37 (UTC)

Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

Looking back I can't see how it could have ended up any other way, you married your childhood best friend and your long term high school BF and you have a baby who's over a year old now, she's beautiful you know? of course you know, she looks like you but with her Fathers eye's skin tone her hair is blond but I think it will darken with age Her dad's did and your hair is dark too.
I'm surprised her eyes are blue like his instead of Brown like yours that's something I just now noticed actually.
when you stalk someone's Face book pictures....
You named her something that I would call a preppy and very girly name but it's totally you, so I wasn't at all surprised by the name.
Like the whole thing, your life, the way things turned out it's what you always wanted.
We used to talk about our ideal life, late at night laying in my bed at sleepovers staring at the ceiling in the dark.
we used to put it down on MASH papers over and over and over and you know what?
You got it, you got your perfect MASH happy ending with the right guy and the right place and the right age and the right time.
And thinking about it now... It's bitter sweet.
I'm happy for you. so happy for you. and I know that not everything is the fairy tale happy ending haha we know enough about life to know that that sort of thing doesn't exist, and you'll have rough times and things won't always be okay.
But you seem happy over all, and I pray that on life as a whole that you have more happy day's than bad one's and that you have more blessings than not, that you and your family will be safe and healthy.
I wish that I could still be a part of it sometimes...that that place in your life that was our friendship was a door that's still cracked open and not shut and locked completely sometimes I want to talk to you and sometimes I almost do.
But I know things are different and I know that we can't go back we aren't children anymore.
But I'm here for you, I would always be here for you if you needed me I hope that you know that no matter how long we go with out speaking or where we go in life.
no matter what rumors or stories you believe of me, I would still be your friend if you needed one.
I still pray for you and I hope you have a beautiful life.
Enjoy it, and don't take it for granted.