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2016-07-10 12:41:58 (UTC)

Readjusting this fetal position

Wow, what a emotional few days! I have been laying in bed
in a fetal position for a while now. I had given up almost.

Then I got good news last night. The boss had been moved to
his own room, sitting up in bed talking to his family and back
to his old self. The weight of the world lifted off of me as
I read that text from his sister. She said he has his phone
and I can call him anytime. She told me last night so I said
I would call him today.

YEA !!!!!! Thankful to the bone about that news.

After the weekend last week and my windshield blowing out...
my daughter yelling at me to call 911....and all that...
then calling after I got home to apologize for yelling at me
once she learned more about what I was trying to tell her...

We had made plans to try again to get together this weekend..
I believe it was Friday. So, while talking to her about that I
was feeling good again about things with her. Then she asked...
she asked me to pay her phone bill which was getting ready to
be cut off. She said she would not have a way to call and
the girls phones would be cut off too. The oldest is in
Atlanta this week with a Church, I was feeling ok
about doing it. Then she braced me for the amount. Again, it
was over 500 bucks. 527 to be exact. That was the past due
amount. I asked her why so much, I was under the impression she
had taken care of paying for those phones they all had and the bill
was a normal amount instead of a house payment amount?

Oh...she will have it taken care of in two months...

she said the oldest has a job and she has been looking for
one the grocery I agreed to
pay it...and she promised to pay at least half of it back
this weekend.

Fine..we had plan to get together this weekend, go out lookin
for some business....I was ok with paying it.

Then this weekend....she is not answering her phone.
Not returning text. I asked if she was still going to
meet me this yesterday....heard nothing.
Nothing. Just silence.

It hurt my feelings to be taken advantage of like this again...
cause yes, I paid her 195.00 MLS dues earlier this month....
when I paid mine too. So, I invested over 700 bucks to help
her out and she starts this avoiding me shit.

I was going to tell her not to worry about paying me back...
It would be nice to simply be respected a little more.
That would be pay back enough.


I guess all of my prayers were not answered this weekend...

the boss is healing and we are getting ready to be back
to normal....hopefully.

As far as business. I can get out and get my own business...

around here. I do not have to share my business with anyone.
I was going too....but I do not have too.

So there you have it.
Going to be getting used to standing up straight today...

Out of bed and moving on....alone
once again