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2016-07-08 15:05:47 (UTC)

Tears of saddness flowing

I got very little sleep last night. Worrying to the bone about
my boss and knowing that he was in surgery till after midnight
and in ICU afterwards. Hoping and praying that he will recover
and get back to his old self is all I wanted.

Then the news of the murdered in cold blood cops in Dallas and
I started watching that....till late. The news continued to
get worse. I could not stop the tears....

I got very little sleep. I was awoken by the sound of a text
coming through this morning and since the boss's sister has been
sending me text, I jumped up wide awake hoping it was good news.
Or at least an update. But it was one of my prayer warriors
asking about him. I responded and tried to go back to sleep.

Two hours later my phone is ringing....and it was one of our
clients asking about him. We talked a little while....I started
the coffee. No sleep this morning.

So, I had taped Million Dollar listing NY and decided to watch it.

Man...when Luis announced to his assistant that he was giving
up real estate, that did it. I was crying so hard I could not
stop for a very long time.

When my husband walked into my room with a cup of coffee this
morning, I was balling like a baby. I just told him to be
patient with me today. It is going to be a sad day for me.

I know one thing guys, when my boss is better and we can get
out there to do business again....I am going to work my ass off
for that man. He is never going to say he wants to get out
of Real Estate.

I would send an email or something to Luis just to let him
know how his decision affected me. In a bad way, but in
a good way. I needed a good cry. A real good long cry.

I needed to know that yes, we can give it up if it does not
work out. We can do other things. We are good enough to move
on and be successful if we have it in our hearts to do so.

I just do not want too right now.

I want my boss to be better. I want him to call me.

And until then, I am going to be an emotional wreck.