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2016-07-08 06:13:48 (UTC)

A Mid-Years Resolution list

SO looking back at my new years resolutions list that has 5 things on it, that I didn't even finish making to make it an even ten things.... well I think it's good to have a recap mid year...
so here's what I put on my new years resolution list 6 months ago:

1. Positivity Jar/Counted blessings.
To get a jar or bucket or something and write down on a piece of paper one good thing that happens everyday for one year.

2. Read 50 books.
Rereading books doesn't count toward the 50.

3. Journal Everyday.
For 365 days.

4. Travel to a different country,
anywhere anytime in 2016 preferably Australia.

5. Balance old friends while making new one's here.
not letting us fall apart.

Okay.... so here's how I'm doing on those....

1. Positivity Jar.
Well I didn't start it until my birthday 10 day's ago but I've been faithful to do it everyday so far and I think I will be faithful to do it until June 28th of 2017 a full year.
It's a new years resolution turned into a mid years resolution, I like having my birthday in June in the middle of the year cause it's also like a new years of it's own.

2. Read 50 books in 2016
Well As of July 8th 2016 I've read 11.
I had this plan to read 4 books a month and then 2 extra somewhere in there to get me to 50 and I stuck to this plan and had the extra 2 for about 2 months and then things got busy.
but I still plan to reach my goal before 2017.

3. I always have write everyday, journal everyday on my resolutions and I never do... I just can't my life isn't that interesting guys.
lol. doesn't mean I will stop trying...but it doesn't mean I will succeed.
there's always next year.

4. Travel to a different country.
Seems like my going to other countries seems to be on a 2-3 year annual thing.
2010, 2012, 2015, doesn't mean that this year is out...but i'd have to come into a lot of money and an amazing opportunity.
it's not impossible but I don't think it's likely.
But hey I can dream.

5. Balance old friends while making new.
not letting us fall apart.

um... have you read this diary?
have I not lived my life the past 6 months...
it's been rough most of the time with a few rewarding memory making moments with all of us together.
it's harder now.
but i'm not giving up.

So along with trying to finish the resolutions that I made 6 months ago I want to add some stuff to the list now.

6. Dress better.
New clothes, new confidence, new attitude.

7. Worry less.
What's coming will come and we'll face it when it does freaking out about it will only make me miserable.

8. Job.
Out of my comfort zone, and onto a better life.

9. Exercise more.
Walk, do sit up's, get into better shape and better health.

10. Be Happy.
For me, my family, my friends,
just be genuinely happy.