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2016-07-07 19:36:46 (UTC)

Good n a while

Finally, today my faith in a higher power has been renewed.

I was talking to my daughter planning some meetings for this
weekend. When I got a call. It was the boss. I have not
heard from him in a couple weeks. He was letting me know
that he was at the hospital waiting on his liver. Should be
today....he was not sure if it would be an hour, 12 hours
or tomorrow, but they have a liver and he expects to have his

Said he wanted me to continue being BIC till the end of the he is already making plans....for the future
and has business on his mind.

I felt so happy that I started crying....and felt like I
was was awesome to finally be happy about something.


I called my daughter back...and told her. We were both so
happy it was off the hook. I agreed to pay her 500 dollar
phone bill...and we are meeting in a couple she
can pay back half of it.

After faxing those papers yesterday and realizing the low amount
of income they are living on....I am planning on helping them
out as often as I can.

She told me that the one that just got her drivers license has
a job now...not just for summer but even after school starts...

She said she was also looking for another job.....

we discussed me helping get the granddaughter a car if we can
find some business....I just need to make sure my bills
are paid...and if we can find a car that I can pay cash
for... will get it. Then I can help them keep the insurance

She will pay her parents some money from her job and learn how
to manage the rest by saving it...paying for her own gas..
I will help her too as long as she is working and going
to school.

It is time for all of lives to change.
The boss mentions student housing...

I know he is going to start teaching me how to do it...
and I will have that....

and as long as I can do that once and a while...

I will be fine.

Later..I can teach her....and she can be fine.

We got a couple years before college and one more old
enough to get a car.