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2016-07-07 01:07:00 (UTC)

Getting back to normal

Got my car back today. It looks like nothing ever happened.
I was totally happy about it too. So, now, it is parked
in the garage...back to normal.

Now, tomorrow and Friday I will need to fill it up with gas and
get my ass out of here and look for some business. My daughter
does not work on Friday. So, I will search around here
or in this area tomorrow and ride on over to her area
just like was planned the day my windshield blew out....

All this worrying and laying around with my car messed up
caused me to turn too chocolate. With that come weight gain.
I feel like a good year blimp.

Seriously. I feel like a good year blimp.

Time to start working on myself like I do my car...
and get myself back to normal.

Whatever that is.