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2016-07-05 22:07:45 (UTC)

26 years of marriage

We got up early today to take my car to have them to order my
windshield. They said they can do it tomorrow before lunch. The
cost was very reasonable. So, we told them we would see them

We were going to ride to Tony's ice cream until he saw the
Long Horn Steak house and said we should stop in there for
lunch. It was 12:30 but we ordered a steak and beer. Sat there
talking and going over the 26 years together and how happy he is.
He is.

Tomorrow we will drop off my car and ride to Tony's ice cream
for one of their famous hot dogs. I will have to try to remember
not to get any ice cream. It is getting apparent that I should
never eat ice cream.

At lunch though, we discussed going to the beach for a week
at the end of this month. Not sure what he is thinking...
but we talked about a cruise too in a couple years. I would
not want to do a cruise unless we have someone go with us.

The rain came in long enough to ground air force one here a
little longer. The POTUS and liar Hilary were just 15 miles
away today lying to the people of the Carolinas.

He has to be the dumbest man on earth to actually say the words
that she is the most qualified person, man or woman to ever
run for President. Maybe he was thinking about himself....

but I believe there were many others who held the office who
were very qualified....who never lied and robbed and tried
to take away our she has done. I am not sure why
people do not pay attention. I bet they will when they realize
we once lived in a "FREE COUNTRY" but we do not anymore.


I been married for 26 years to him.

We had some good times...and today was special.

I think I will keep him.