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2016-07-04 23:53:26 (UTC)

A crash of a different kind today

Another round of bad luck today. After my back windshield blew
out yesterday; today, I was at my desktop on a computer where I
keep most of my files. I luckily have them saved on a flash drive.

All of a sudden, this alarm type noise started from my speakers..
I had been watching BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS so my speakers were
turned up. This alarm was followed by my screen suddenly turning
white with a message on it..saying DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER...
it said something about my cable company and gave a 800 number to
call....claiming I must follow the instructions or risk
losing my files or access to them. It showed my IP ADDRESS and
said that it was unlock it, call the number.


Well, bull shit. There was a story on our news station here not
too long ago that reported something like this where they try
to get you to pay lots of cash to get your files back.

I an't doing it. I turned it off, unplugged it...and got my
laptop to be sure it was not affected.

I did put tape over all my other computers that have the built
in cam. The one I had the issue with did not and I had no
camera hooked up too it.

I noticed in a photo of that rich as hell guy who started and
owns facebook that even he has his taped over. I figure whatever
he is concerned about....I should be too.


We stayed home today. He cooked a real big lunch and none
of us really wanted anything eat today. I washed some

Yesterday I was googling something....not sure what it was.
But I ended up seeing a video of this kid who had head lice...
and a woman was using a special comb to show the viewers how
much of it he had. OMG It was aweful. Probably about a nine
year old. She would comb through it and hold the comb up
for the camera to see millions of those fuckers moving around..

I hope it was photo shopped. It made me start itching all over...

I hate shit like that.
Surely to God someone can tell if they have bugs crawling on
them enough to do something about it.

I guess we will take my car tomorrow to have the shop take
a look and order a windshield. I really need that fixed.
I have no intentions of driving that car with plastic over
the window. LOL

just not me.....

anyway....I do feel lucky to be alive today.